March 2018 – Outing to Baylham Rare Breeds farm :

We visited the farm to see the new lambs. The children enjoyed holding them on their laps and feeding them from bottles.  Whilst we were there we  were very privileged to see new two baby lambs being born. Very exciting and definitely an experience to share with their parents when they collected them.


May 2018 – Muddy Puddle Walk

We took part in the Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle walk for a childrens charity. We met the children at Ringshall Parish church and walked across the fields back to preschool via the public footpath. The children loved exploring the church, finding puddles to jump in and enjoying the whole experience. We had a great morning imagining the princess in the tower of the church and listening for the dragon who might be looking after her. We recreated our walk back at preschool through art and craft with children creating pictures of what they had seen and heard, using a range of materials.


June 2018 – Summer Outing

This year our summer outing was to Felixstowe, where we visited Languard Fort and the nearby nature reserve. We paddled in the sea and collected shells, then finished our day with an ice cream whilst we watched the ships unloading at the Port.


July 2018 – Combs fete

The children helped to create a display of their work for the local fete based on one of our favourite stories, “sharing a shell”. The children made their own paper shells and decorated them with glitter, sequins, tissue paper and lots more to create shells that they would like to live in. We also ran a stall at the fete to raise money for the preschool.