A safe and happy introduction to learning…

Our Philosophy

At Battisford Pre School your child’s welfare and happiness is our first consideration. In addition, we offer an environment that provides the mental and physical stimulation without which children cannot develop to their full potential.

We believe a safe and happy introduction to learning while at Pre School helps children to integrate easily and comfortably into their next stage of education.

Individual attention – shared success…

We are proud of the high ratio of adults to children in our group – ensuring individual attention to the development of each child.  To achieve this we employ a team of staff and also actively encourage the involvement of parents/carers in the daily activity of the group by inviting them to help at the sessions.

Our rota system gives all parents the opportunity to help the group on a regular basis.

Research has shown that everyone benefits from working in partnership with each other:
The child realises that you are interested in the group, sees you are valued by the group, gains security, feels special/proud on the day you help, learns to share you with other children and your shared experiences become talking points.

The parent/carer sees their child amongst other children, feels they are contributing to the group, are reassured about what happens in the session, feels valued as the primary educator of their child, has a chance to meet and make new friends and doesn’t miss magic moments such as their child mastering scissors and writing their name.

The group gains an extra pair of hands, gets to know you better, benefits from your experiences and ideas, can provide more activities and individual attention to each child, has the opportunity to promote the group aims and recruit possible further involvement through fundraising activities and/or the management committee.


The Pre School leader is professionally qualified to plan for, provide and supervise the needs of children.  The assistant(s) are also qualified or working towards qualification and can cover the session in the event of the leader’s absence.

The team of staff are responsible for the daily routine/activity of the group as well as working with parents and the committee to ensure the smooth running of the group.